The new world
of Artificial Energy
We are an artificial intelligence (AI) company striving to achieve sustainability by accelerating the energy transition through technological innovation, while substantially increasing our client’s value.
Revolutionizing Energy
The future of
energy systems
The path to net zero is paved by digitalization. By 2050, energy grids will be operated, not by humans, but rather by algorithms, given the complexity involved in a net-zero scenario.
and fast
Splight is challenging the assumption that increased capacity requires new physical infrastructure. In a context of climate crisis and rising energy prices it is crucial to take advantage of the large share of unutilized capacity in the grid.
Renewable &
reliable grids
With Splight’s AI solutions, traditional gas or coal fired plants will not be necessary to ensure reliable and resilient power grids.
The greenest energy
ever made
At Splight, we bring together the realms of energy and AI, to make way for Artificial Energy. Artificial Energy is energy that would have not been generated, stored, transported, traded or distributed but for the application of Splight’s proprietary AI solutions to existing power infrastructure.
Why Splight?
Splight is not a traditional tech or energy company but rather it is bringing together existing physical energy infrastructure and digital technology to create a revolutionary phygital ecosystem that can offer quick, customizable, and cost-effective solutions at scale.
We have the most advanced AI Platform on the market, which can process in real time multiple layers and inputs, which can be tailored to each client/issue/solution.
About Our AI Technology
Our proprietary AI platform consists of a new Neural Network Framework with interconnected layers.
Splight’s Services & Platform
We have developed an advanced digital platform that is capable of delivering the benefits of AI to any grid asset.

The fastest Path

to net-zero electrical grid before 2030


Digital Technology Deployment over existing infrastructure


Digital Technology based on AI to operate energy dispatch


“Physical” solutions to Inertia and Grid Forming


Zero-CO2 emission from the electrical grid

Time of construction of a new (one only) transmission line.
10 years
Time of construction of a new nuclear power plant.
15-20 years
Time to mature Carbon capture and storage technologies.
20 years
Time to deploy green H2 technology.
+20 years

Accelerating Energy Transitions

to net-zero electrical grid before 2030

Traditional solution
Digital solution
Lowering Costs
Accelerating Timelines
Maximizing Capacity
Managing Complexity
Hundred units
Million units
Maximizing Use of Capital
Large Capital Expenditures
As a service

Generating 360° benefits

Following a circular economy model, Artificial Energy creates expanded pools of benefits for energy stakeholders (generators, utilities, regulators, consumers and society) and offers a powerful impact on energy transitions.
Artificial energy
Increases energy injection
Leverages transmission capacity
Enables distributed resources
Reduces technical losses
Increases reliability
Increases lifecycle of assets
Improves efficiency
Market outcomes
Reduce energy prices
Increase quantity of offerents
Rises transparency
Enable fair market transactions
Enables decarbonization
Provides grid cybersecurity
Financial outcomes
Increases revenues
Reduces commercial costs
Reduces operational costs
Decreases capital expenditures
Lowers cost of capital
Improves business intelligence
Enables new business model
Enables sustainable finance

GWh of

Artificial Energy


CO2 equivalent


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