Enterprise-Level DERMS

Enterprise-Level DERMS

Enhance DERMS capabilities by enabling real-time visibility, remote controls, and automation as DER implementation expands.


  • In 2022, electricity prices rose by 11% for the commercial sector and 16% for the industrial sector YoY. (EIA)
  • Demand charges are 30-70% of the total electric bill in a great part of the U.S. (SEIA)
  • DERMS solutions vary widely, with each system offering distinct capabilities tailored to manage different energy sources.
  • Siloed data impedes thorough and real-time analysis, blocking effective decision-making.
  • Fragmented information constrains seamless expansion and integration of systems, limiting scalability.


  • AI-powered platform utilizes a three-layer architecture specifically designed for managing and optimizing Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Aggregate data from diverse DERs, such as solar panels and wind turbines, employing multiple communication protocols.
  • Utilize machine learning to forecast energy production, recognize consumption trends, and identify equipment issues.
  • Assess dashboards for DER monitoring, enable remote controls, and establish automated rules.
  • Effectively manage an expanding array of DERs, ensuring scalability with increasing adoption.