Integrated Storage System Operations

Integrated Storage System Operations

Enhance energy storage through data collection, AI-driven analysis for optimal scheduling, and automated system adjustments, boosting efficiency and grid stability.


  • Demand charges are 30-70% of the total electric bill in a great part of the U.S. (SEIA)
  • By 2025, global energy storage is projected to reach over 158 GW, up from 27 GW in 2020.(Bloomberg)
  • Current solutions struggle to aggregate and analyze data from diverse sources such as grid-edge devices, renewables, and building management systems, limiting accurate decision-making.
  • Siloed data hinders effective scaling for large utility and multi-site commercial deployments.


  • Gather operational data on energy prices, demand forecasts, grid conditions, weather for renewable integration, and battery health.
  • Forecast energy prices, anticipate demand fluctuations, assess grid stability, and evaluate battery health.
  • Send commands to battery management systems based on AI recommendations.
  • Monitor the battery's state, grid stability, and market prices, adjusting operations accordingly.