Utility-Scale Distributed Energy Resources

Utility-Scale Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed energy resources are aggregated at scale and operated at extra granularity at the inverter level. Based on our extra-granularity operative capability and exclusive capacity to integrate DER at scale, this new approach is also a new source of more grid resilience and energy injected.


  • Aggregate data from diverse DERs, weather sources, and grid sources, employing multiple communication protocols, all in one place.
  • Utilize machine learning to forecast energy production, recognize consumption trends, and identify equipment issues.
  • Assess dashboards for DER monitoring, enable remote controls, and establish automated rules.
  • Effectively manage an expanding array of DERs, ensuring scalability with increasing adoption.


  • Thousands of DERs managed with one platform.
  • Real-time visibility, remote controls, and automation of DERs as if Utility Scale operations.
  • Operational Efficiency. Improved asset utilization and reduced operational costs.
  • Increased renewable energy output.
  • Grid reliability. DERs can be used as a source of reliability by decreasing outage frequency and duration.
  • Scalability. Future-proof operations while managing a diverse network of DERs.